Hill-N-Hollow Farm's Livestock  is a family owned business focusing on the sale of quality beef, pork, duck, chicken meats and milk.

Our farm is vested in humanely and naturally raising our livestock by providing the animals with a clean, stress free environment. Production practices never allow the use of antibiotics, added growth hormones or animal by-products in feed, resulting in what we believe to be the most healthy and finest meets anywhere.

Additionally, we raise and sell show pigs. 


At Hill-N-Hollow Farm our goal is to become a local producer and supplier of the highest quality natural meats available. We have implemented and maintained the highest quality standards for producing natural meat and milk and done so while insisting on protocols that emphasize animal welfare at our farm.

We believe in caring for the environment, sustaining agricultural production, raising natural meats and maintaining a regional focus.


If it's a Hill-N-Hollow Farm product, you know it was produced with a long range view of what is best for the land, our consumers, employees and generations to come.